A Fintech facilitator


Support financial stability

Monitor and test the innovative solutions offered by Fintech to identify and assess the inherent risks for the security of the financial services.

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Foster financial inclusion

Give priority to Fintech offering innovative solutions that increase access to and use of banking and financial services for the benefit of households and businesses that are poorly served by formal financial institutions.

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Emerging fintech nationally, regionally and internationally

Act in concert with the various stakeholders in order to promote the emergence of Tunisian fintech in the national, regional and international market.

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Protecting users from financial services

Require Fintech to provide their innovative solutions with the necessary safeguards to protect users from the inherent risks as well as complaint management mechanisms.

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Our events.

Many innovators have chosen BCT Fintech to develop their solutions in a secure environment


The BCT launches its "BCT - LAB" and remains open to all technological innovations in the banking and financial sector.

Fintech in figures.


Fintech worldwide are active in payments


Fintech around the world are active in loans


Fintech around the world are active in investments