Sandbox operation

Regulatory sandbox

Potential candidates

The BCT made the choice of opening up to all innovative financial actors.

Therefore, the Sandbox is intended to Fintech and incumbents, without limitation of neither the list of activities nor the one of products relevant to the Sandbox.

Access to the SandBox and eligibility criteria

    The product, service or solution is really innovative and significantly different
    from the other existing offers on the Tunisian market or represents a new use
    of existing technologies (a market study and a benchmark of key features of
    the technology or operational methodology with what exists are required).

    The solution has to offer identifiable direct or indirect advantages to clients (for instance, an improvement of security, client experience, soundness, product quality, efficiency, or a combination of all what precedes). These should be backed up by quantifiable estimates or demonstrations.

    Communication must be explicit and written, informing volunteer clients of the test target as well as of ultimate risks and indemnities.

    The solution must be tested technically in a laboratory environment. The test results should be made available to the BCT

    The candidate must submit well-elaborated regulatory test plans and appropriate and sufficient protection measures in order to protect participants. These plans must take account of the required technical expertise
    to offset risks, as well as of financial resources to cover possible losses.

    The candidate must have both the intention and capacity of deploying the suggested solution in Tunisia (and elsewhere later on). He must convey a realistic business plan and an exit strategy from the Sandbox (including up-scaling and deployment plans).

Application process

Fill in the online form

A brief description of the candidate including his/her financial situation, technical skills and activity field

A description of the financial service to be experimented in the Sandbox

A description of how the candidate met the eligibility criteria accompanied by supporting evidence

An assessment of the candidate's readiness to do tests, which must include test plans. Test scenarios must include a potential estimation of direct and indirect losses and the experience’s impact

A description of the communication plan for volunteer clients, which must include disclosure of risks and important information on the candidate and the Sandbox


Sandbox operation


The BCT’s approach with respect to the first cohort consists in starting with just two participants. The following cohorts will be set in consideration of the progress of the evaluation stage and needs.
The test duration will be determined according to the merit of the solution into question, nonetheless without exceeding a maximum period of 12 months.

Access fees

Access to the Sandbox is subject to a right of access of about 100 Dinars payable once Fintech is accepted in the cohort.

Quantitative thresholds of tests

Test parameters are determined depending on the number of clients, funds as well as other relevant variables. These parameters are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the Fintech’s nature (legal or physical person) and its risks.


Reporting is done according to a frequency which takes account of the nature and complexity of the solution to be tested. A final report is scheduled for the end of the test period


Communication of information on chosen candidates and solutions currently being tested is the exclusive responsibility of the BCT.

Sandbox Exit


Submission of an application for approval / a regulatory change.

Upon completion of the test period, and if an activity is subject to accreditation, the candidate will be obliged to comply with the legal process into force. Going through the Sandbox should in no way be a means to circumvent the usual process to obtain accreditation


In conclusive tests

The candidate is committed to stopping his/her experiments while being committed to protecting volunteer clients’ interests in terms of personal data, transactions or achieved actions during the test, etc.

Sandbox - BCT Fintech

Interruption of the process

The BCT reserves the right to  subordinate  acceptance of applications  to some modifications,  and  ultimately,  not  to  respond  to  applications  if  none  seems acceptable  either  from  the  technical  point  of  view,  or  owing  to  suggested details or for any other reason.

The Sandbox process can be interrupted:

Upon request of the candidateUpon request of the Fintech committee


Regulatory framework of financial innovation