General questions

    While complying with its statutory prerogatives, the BCT makes available to the Fintechs several mechanisms (regulatory Sandbox, BCT-Lab, website, ...) to promote financial innovation based on new technology in Tunisia and give Tunisian Fintechs a better visibility at the regional and international level.

    A Fintech wishing to register in the database of Fintechs managed by the BCT, must fill out the online form through the website "BCT-Fintech". After registration, the Fintech will have a member's area allowing it, among other things, to update any data concerning it.

    You must contact BCT-Lab. Indeed, the Sandbox is dedicated to prototypes of testable innovative solutions which may be subject to a legal vacuum or an exemption from a regulatory provision.

    To be named "Fintech", it is not necessary to have the "Start-up" label.

    Until today, the Tunisian legislator has not given a definition of the term "Fintech" and has not legislated a specific regulation.

    In order to qualify as a payment institution, it is necessary to have the approval of the BCT. And for a payment institution to qualify as a Fintech, the proposed payment solution must be innovative and based on new technology that is likely to transform financial services and processes and impact the market.

Questions related to the SandBox

    A Fintech wishing to access the Regulatory Sandbox must submit its application online through the "BCT-Fintech" website and meet the access conditions set out in the online guide.

    No, indeed, in order to respect the guiding principle of "Fair Competition", the Fintech that has passed the tests via the Sandbox is required to submit its approval file to the regulator, in this case the BCT. However, Fintech's success in the Sandbox tests will help the Accreditation Committee's decision making.

    Yes, the Fintech must pay the BCT a sum of 100 dinars for access to the Sandbox. This sum in no way reflects the charges borne by the BCT to operate the Sandbox. Through the payment of this sum, the regulator aims to ensure the seriousness of the candidates.

Questions relating to the BCT Lab

    A Fintech wishing to access BCT-Lab must submit its application online through the "BCT-Fintech" website and meet the access criteria provided in the online guide.